How do we know there is enough water to serve future development?
Before new developments can get approved by the city to be built, the developers must secure an Assured Water Supply (AWS). The AWS Program is a consumer protection program administered by the Arizona Department of Water Resources that ensures new subdivisions have a secure supply of water with adequate quality for at least 100 years. The Superstition Vistas Development is covered by the Assured Water Supply designation. Through the One Water: Our Water campaign, we are asking all residents and businesses to use water efficiently. 

Will future developments take water from current City residents?

No. If a project cannot show that it has a 100-year water supply to serve it, it cannot be built. Water cannot be taken from existing homes and businesses.

How do I sign up for water service?

First, find out which water provider serves you. Apache Junction has two different providers: Apache Junction Water District and Arizona Water Company. Who serves you depends upon your location in the City. Use the Find My Provider tab on https://www.apachejunctionaz.gov/1091/Water-Resources to determine who you should sign up with. Individuals in the Apache Junction Water District service area should sign using the link here. Individuals in the Arizona Water Company service area should follow this link here.