Domestic Animal Noise Complaints

Ensuring a harmonious living environment within our community is of utmost importance. However, occasional disruptions may occur due to excessive pet noise, particularly barking dogs. This page serves as a valuable resource for residents seeking guidance on addressing and resolving noise complaints related to domestic animals. For comprehensive information and access to the necessary documents, please consult the linked 'Barking Dog Guide' under 'Relevant Documents' near the bottom of this page.

Resolving Pet Noise Issues

When faced with a problem related to barking dogs, it's often most effective to communicate with the pet owner directly. Here are some steps to consider:

• Talk to Your Neighbor: Approach your neighbor calmly and discuss the barking in a friendly manner. Inform them of when the dog is most disruptive and inquire if they can be contacted when needed.

• Leave a Polite Note: If you're uncomfortable talking face-to-face, you can leave a note for your neighbor. Be sure to explain the dog's behavior and use non-offensive language. Including your contact information can facilitate communication.

City Ordinance

Apache Junction has ordinances in place to address excessive noise from domestic animals. It is considered a public nuisance for animals to habitually create disruptive sounds that interfere with the peace and comfort of the community.

Arbitration Service

If direct communication or leaving a note doesn't resolve the issue, the City of Apache Junction provides an arbitration service. Interested parties can file a "Petition for Barking Dog Complaint" to seek a mutually agreed-upon solution.

Complaint Process

Requirements for Filing a Petition:

1. Complete the Information Form.

2. Maintain a written log of the dog's barking patterns, providing physical descriptions and dates and times.

3. Obtain at least three signatures on the attached petition (two can be from the same address). Single complainants must submit additional evidence, such as video or audio recordings.

Submission and Process

Petitions that meet the requirements will be reviewed for arbitration. An explanation is required if any requirements are not met. If approved, you will be notified to appear before a panel to discuss your noise complaint. All involved parties will be summoned.

Relevant Documents