Overhead Lines

Utility poles and power lines in Apache Junction are owned by Salt River Project (SRP), our trusted utility partner. These poles also serve as a vital space for telecommunication companies, such as phone, internet, and cable providers, who lease space to keep you connected.

Power Line Awareness

Low or downed power lines pose significant safety risks. If you encounter a downed power line, stay away and call 911 immediately. For safety, power lines must be at least 8 feet above roofs, 12 feet above residences and driveways, and 18 feet above public roads, alleys, and parking areas. Click here for more safety information

Telecommunication Lines

While telecommunication lines are less hazardous than power lines, they can still create issues if too low. Lower lines are more susceptible to accidental damage and can impact the appearance of our community. Only certain types of telecommunication lines have legal clearance requirements, but service providers are generally interested in raising lines that are a source of complaints and concern. As a general rule, contact us if you see any line hanging low enough to be damaged by pedestrians or vehicles.

Consideration for Trees

It's important to be mindful of nearby trees and their branches, as they can potentially interfere with both power and telecommunication lines. Proper tree maintenance can help prevent these issues. In these circumstances, SRP will provide tree maintenance free of charge.

Contact Information

If you have concerns or encounter issues related to overhead lines in our city, please feel free to contact our Management Analyst, Eli Richardson, at (480) 932-6012 or erichardson@apachejunctionaz.gov. We are here to assist you and address any questions or problems you may have.

Additional Resources

Are you interested in learning how communities can work together to explore the possibility of moving power lines underground? Click here to learn about the processes and costs of relocating power lines