A Note from Chief of Police, Michael Pooley

Welcome to the Apache Junction Police Department

The ability of any community to have a high quality of life is in a large part due to the quality of public safety services provided. The Apache Junction Police Department is that public safety service agency, primarily carrying out this service within the jurisdictional boundaries of the City of Apache Junction. One of our paramount goals is to improve the quality of life and provide a sense of safety and security within our community through the delivery of outstanding services with the highest standards of Honor, Professionalism and Dedication to Duty.

The Department continues to do this by working collaboratively and enhancing partnerships with other governmental agencies, businesses, neighborhood groups and the public. The Department believes that simply reacting to incidents of crime or disorder is not enough. We must form "Courteous, Professional, Partnerships" that work with one another in a variety of fashions to make Apache Junction a safer and better community.

As your Chief of Police, I am truly honored and humbled to be a part of a team of public safety professionals in both our civilian and sworn ranks. These men and women, daily, take great enormous pride in how they carry out their duties, whether in a citizen assistance role, or that of enforcement. The job these employees do every day makes a significant contribution to the type of community Apache Junction is, and the quality of life is enhanced because of it.

My commitment to this community and the police department I serve is to continue carrying out our goals as outlined in the Apache Junction Police Department Strategic Plan. This plan was developed with input from all levels of the organization. We will strive to meet or enhance these goals with your assistance. The three overriding goals identified are:

  1. Provide courteous public safety services to all people,
  2. Partner with the community,
  3. Develop and maintain a professional organization

There are specific objectives and strategies to accomplish each of these, and each goal is a part of our operational activities every day. It is in our ability to work towards accomplishing these goals each and every day, enjoying success along the way, while understanding new challenges are inevitable. Our goal is to better serve you and showcase Apache Junction as that place in the East Valley where we are "Surrounded by Legends".


Michael Pooley, Chief of Police

  1. Pooley, Michael

    Michael Pooley

    Chief of Police