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The Apache Junction Police Department Volunteer Program encompasses many different areas (click on the position to read a description of the position):

All individuals desiring to be a member of the Volunteer Program must submit an application online as well as complete a Pre-Interview Questionnaire and Public Safety Supplement. A limited background check, fingerprints, interview and polygraph examination must be completed prior to final acceptance. 

Please note*** Departmental Policy concerning firearms states that Auxiliary members may not carry a firearm on their person or in the patrol vehicle, except for oleo resin capsicum spray after receiving certified training.

A minimum number of hours a month is requested for participation in the Auxiliary Program. The number of hours is dependent on the position and the level of need for the specific position.  Typically it is between 12-16 hours a month.

If you would like to take a ride-a-long to learn more about the positions and the department, you can submit a request by completing the forms below:


  • To serve as a volunteer support service to the Apache Junction Police Department, enhancing the effectiveness of police services and community policing through the provision of Patrol, Community, and Support Services.
  • To assist, not replace, the activities of the paid staff as they provide police service to the citizens of Apache Junction.
  • To reach out to the community to assist in developing a partnership between the Apache Junction Police Department and the citizens who live here.
  • To provide additional programs and services to the community that were previously unavailable due to lack of personnel.

Volunteer Application Process & Requirements


The Chief of Police designates a Community Resource Coordinator (CRC) who will be responsible for overseeing the application process.

Application submission: Applications may be picked up at the Apache Junction Police Department Headquarters, printed from the City website, or completed online. In addition to the city volunteer application, an AJPD Public Safety Supplement AND an AJPD Public Safety Questionnaire must also be completed. All completed applications should be submitted to the CRC at the Police Department. Any applications submitted without the required supplements, or withou being completed entirely, will not be accepted.

**To complete the city online application, click here. To print it out, click here.

**To complete the Public Safety Supplement online click here.

**To complete the Public Safety Questionnaire online click here.

  1. If an application is received, but does not fit any of the available openings, the application may be kept for future use or the person may be referred to another department within the City. In either case, the CRC will notify the applicant.
  2. Background check: The background check consists of completing a criminal history report, warrant check and driving record report.


Once an applicant has successfully completed the background check, their file will be given to the designated auxiliary supervisor of the unit the applicant is applying for.

  1. Interview with potential unit supervisor: An interview with the applicant will be conducted by the unit supervisor. The unit supervisor may invite relevant AJPD employees or auxiliary members to participate in the interview. Interviewees will be provided with the Volunteer Manual at this time if they have not already received one. All candidates will be expected to review and have knowledge of the AVP Manual. Auxiliary volunteers must sign the following agreements:
    1. Volunteer Conduct Agreement
    2. Confidentiality Agreement & AVP Manual Acknowledgement
  2. Screening of applicants: If the applicant is selected to continue the process based upon the interview, the following additional screening techniques may be used: detailed background check including reference checks, fingerprinting and a truth verification test (polygraph or voice stress analysis).
  3. Training: After a candidate has been approved for the AVP, they begin job-specific training conducted by the unit supervisor. He/she may delegate this task to employees or experienced volunteers. The goal of the training is to ensure the volunteer can perform his/her assigned duties without constant supervision and with some autonomy.


Volunteer applicants who do not satisfactorily meet all requirements and qualifications for a position will receive a letter from the Chief informing them of such and thanking them for their interest in the AVP. No information can be revealed to a denied applicant.