Facility Rentals

The City of Apache Junction Parks and Recreation Department offers many types of facilities and equipment for rent. For a complete list of reservable facilities, fees, and guidelines, please click the link below:

Facility/ Equipment Use Guidelines & Fees

Please contact us for additional information or availability for our various facilities and equipment rental opportunities at 480-474-5133. All facility reservations must be made in-person at the Multi-Generational Center. Specific dates and times for a facility can not be held for a customer until the facility rental process has been completed and the permit has been paid for.  Again, please contact us for more information about a facility or to check availability at 480-474-5133.
If you plan on utilizing a ramada out at our parks, this can be done first come first serve for groups under 25 people that do not have any special circumstances. The following conditions WILL require that a ramada reservation must be made with us in advance:

* Groups of 25 people or more
* Groups that desire to have an Alcohol permit (this permit can only be obtained in conjunction with a ramada rental)
* Groups that are planning on having a bounce house or other entertainment (Company must have a current City of AJ Business License)
* Groups that intend to have amplified music or announcements at the ramada

Special Event Applications

If you are interested in holding a large special event at one of our parks or facilities, it is recommended that your Special Event application be submitted at least 60 days in advance to plan for proper resources. Contact Riley King at 480-474-5065 if you have additional questions about holding large special events at our facilities. If you are interested in conducting a special event elsewhere within the City Limits, please contact the Al bravo at office at 480-474-5080. If you would like to fill out your form online, please click the link below and email to Riley King. Please note that an official permit will be issued once the application is received, reviewed, and the necessary payments have been made at the Parks & Recreation office.

Special Event Permit Application (fillable)

Electronic Message Board

In an effort to promote City/Community programs, news, and achievements, the City manages an electronic messaging board in the downtown area across from the Focal Point.  For information about what can and can't be posted or to start the process, please utilize the below links:
Electronic Message Board Application  / Electronic Message Board Process

Park Rules

As you enjoy Apache Junction’s many diverse parks and indoor facilities, please help us protect park property, respect the rights of others, and comply with all park regulations.  

City Code: Public Park Regulation


The City of Apache Junction welcomes participation by people with disabilities in all programs, sites, and facilities. For more information about accessibility contact us at 480-983-2181, ajpr@apachejunctionaz.gov or visit www.ajcity.apachejunctionaz.gov/ada.