Speed Humps

Speed Humps
Due to the increasing demand for speed control devices on residential streets, the City of Apache Junction has established a mechanism by which speed humps can be installed to address speeding and cut-through traffic concerns on residential streets. Some of the advantages of speed humps include:

  • Reduced speeds of about seven mph at the hump
  • Divert traffic to other non-residential streets
  • Provide round the clock service

Some disadvantages of speed humps include:

  • Creation of noise when a vehicle drives over the hump
  • Complaints about cars driving on the sidewalk to avoid the humps
  • Complaints from residents who do not like the warning posts in front of their homes
  • Traffic diversion may cause traffic problems on parallel streets in the neighborhood

Traffic humps cost about $2,000 per hump to install and have on-going maintenance costs. Speed humps will only be installed when all of the following qualification criteria have been met:

  • The street involved must be a paved, residential or collector street with a speed limit of 30 mph or less.
  • There must be no fewer than six houses per one-eighth of a mile with driveways onto the street.
  • The street must be a minimum of 600 feet in length with a maximum length of one mile. 
  • Streets must have a normal crown with drainage occurring along the sides of the street.
  • Street drainage cannot be compromised by the use of speed humps.
  • The street must have vertical curb abutting the proposed speed hump locations or some other natural or man-made obstruction which will keep traffic on the roadway.

If the above conditions exist the following traffic warrant considerations must be met.
  • Surveyed speeds must show at least 15% of the motorists are exceeding the speed limit by not less than eight mph.
  • The placement of proposed speed humps must be approved by the Apache Junction Police Department and the Apache Junction Fire District.
  • Humps will not be installed on unpaved streets, on grades of more than 3%, within 200 feet of a stop sign or a sharp curve, over manholes, or other appurtenances.
  • Petition requirements must also be met.
Traffic Calming Policy

For further information on requesting speed humps in your neighborhood call the Public Works Department at (480) 474-8500.