Applications, Forms & Typical Details

Current Permit Fee Schedule- in Table FormTable includes applicable building and trade permit fees
Building Valuation TableUsed for calculating construction cost for permit fee determination
Residential Permit ApplicationFor 1 and 2 Family new home permits, additions, garages, etc.
Manufactured Home Permit ApplicationFor Manufactured Home setting, awnings, etc.
Park Model RV Set Permit ApplicationFor setting a park model RV, awnings, sheds
Park Model (PM) PolicyExplains how park models are viewed under the building code and what requirements are applicable to park model related construction
Park Model (PM) Re-siding PolicyRequirements for obtaining a permit to replace siding on a Park Model
City of Apache Junction MH, PM, RV Construction StandardsAdministrative code sections covering city requirements for installing manufactured homes, park models, RVs, etc.
Commercial Permit ApplicationFor new commercial buildings, tenant improvements, remodels, etc.
Site Plan HandoutInformational guide to creating the required site plan
Owner Occupant Exemption RequestOnly applicable to residential where the land and the structure are owned by the occupant
Electrical Permit ApplicationFor electrical work, solar, etc.
Mechanical Permit ApplicationFor mechanical work, HVAC, commercial hoods, ventilation, etc.
Plumbing Permit ApplicationFor plumbing work water heater changes, repipes, repair, traps, etc.
Permit or Application Cancellation and Refund RequestFor canceling an application or permit and requesting a refund
Work Exempt from PermitsThe list of work that can be done without obtaining a permit
Change of Use Permit ApplicationWhere no work is planned but the use is changing
"Change of Use" ExplanationProvides explanation of use & occupancy
"Change of Use" Checklist for PermitProvides list of items needed to obtain a change of use permit and Certificate of Occupancy
Addenda Request FormFor changes made during construction
Revision Request FormFor changes during permit review
Stucco RequirementsStucco information sheet for obtaining stucco permit
Group Home Policy and Requirement ChecklistExplains building code requirements related to group homes and provides a list of things that must be done
Special Inspection FormWhere proposed work triggers a requirement for Special Inspection this form is to be submitted
Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Exhaust System ChecklistWhere a new or replacement kitchen hood is proposed this checklist is to be used to create required plans
STOP WORK FactsInformation on different reasons for stop work orders
STOP WORK Correction ProcessGuidance in how to resolve a stop work order
Concealed Construction GuideInformation on how to resolve situations where work may not be visible for inspection

FAQ- When is a Licensed Architect/Engineer RequiredExplains Arizona State law regarding when a licensed architect or engineer must prepare the construction plans
Arizona Room Construction Required LicensesExplains when a licensed contractor is required and which license classification