Solve-It! Community Mediation Service

Solve-It! currently offers mediation and facilitation services for a wide range of community issues. Highly trained mediators each bring special backgrounds, talents and skills to the conflict resolution table, and are adept at working with clients to achieve full resolution to their disputes! Solve-It! volunteer mediators have a 98% success rate helping clients reach mutually satisfactory agreements. Common cases that Solve-It! mediates are:

Landlord/Tenant Issues--including security deposit disputes and rental property maintenance/responsibility

HOA Board Issues--including internal board relations and board/resident communication

Animal Issues--including problems with barking dogs, feral cats and horse properties

Property & Contract Issues--including workmanship, development, easement disputes and maintenance concerns

Interpersonal Issues--including harassment and the neighborhood "rumor mill"

Please fell free to learn more by visiting the website at or call (480) 420-MED8.

You can view and print the brochure here:  the mediation brochure,