Report a Concern

The City of Apache Junction would like to respond to any citizen's concern about:
  • Piles of trash / debris discovered in washes
  • Sediment filled or blocked washes or storm drains
  • Spills that impact or threaten storm drains or washes
  • Suspicious dry weather flows into gutters, storm drains or washes
  • Sediment runoff from poorly controlled construction sites
  • Suspicious runoff from industrial sites
  • Unconfined runoff from commercial car washing or detailing

Please carefully describe your concern when calling the Public Works Department at (480) 982-1055. Please be prepared to share details of location, type of incident and your information. If it an emergency, call 9-1-1. Other concerns can be handled by the following agencies:
  • Persons in the act of illegal dumping: City of Apache Junction Police Department. Non-emergency - Ph: (480) 982-8260.
  • Sanitary sewer overflows / breaks: Superstition Mountains Community Facilities District No. 1 - Ph: (480) 941-6754.
  • Excessive dust and/or vehicles trackout of sediment onto paved roads: Pinal County Air Quality Control District - Ph: (520) 866-6929.
  • Mosquitoes and other vectors: Pinal County Department of Environmental Health Services - Ph: (520) 866-6864.
  • Water main breaks: City of Apache Junction Public Works Department - Ph: (480) 982-1055.