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EFFECTIVE MONDAY MAY 11, 2020: Face masks must be worn by all persons entering the court building beyond the payment/information window.

To comply with recommended social distancing, the court is limiting the number of people being allowed in the building. People appearing that are not a party on a case will not be permitted in the courthouse. The court has a customer service counter (payment/information window) separate from the courthouse portion of the building where customers can receive assistance with court matters that are not on the court calendar.

By 4:00 pm the court will post a calendar of proceedings for the following court date. Court hours of operation are Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.
We post an entire week in a "running" calendar. Every day of the week will be displayed even if the date is in the past. Please note the DATE when viewing a calendar document.

 Monday  (see document for date) 
Proceedings are scheduled to be heard in Courtroom G-1  
                     Click link

Tuesday    (see document for date)  
Proceedings are scheduled to be heard in Courtroom G-1 
                     Click link LIVE AUDIO COURTROOM G-1

Wednesday    (see document for date)
Proceedings are scheduled to be heard in Courtroom G-1 

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Thursday   (see document for date)  
Proceedings are scheduled to be heard in Courtroom G-1 
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This calendar is posted for the purpose of general information only.
 Updates to the actual official calendar can be made at any time and my not be reflected in the calendar posted here.  

Proceedings held at the Apache Junction Municipal Court can be heard by selecting a link below. Courtroom assignment can be determined by the calendar posted above.
Please Note:  Changes can occur on the calendar resulting in a case being moved to a different courtroom.  


REGARDING THE LIVE AUDIO FEED-If the court proceeding has not begun when you click the link, you must continue to refresh the connection until the recording begins. You must establish a new connection once the broadcast starts, it will not begin playing automatically. 

CIVIL CASE APPEARANCE SCHEDULE    All civil cases receive an APPEAR BY date. This does not mean an appearance is necessary. To reduce the number of visitors to the court building and to comply with recommended guidelines, the court is offering additional options to resolve your civil citation.  Please review the Citation Information page, click link to be directed. 


               Tuesday July 20, 2021                                      2:00pm Civil Case Appearances      Audio link-Courtroom G-1      

           Tuesday July 27, 2021                                  2:00pm Civil Case Appearances     Audio link-Courtroom G-1

           Tuesday August 3, 2021                                 2:00pm Civil Case Appearances     Audio link-Courtroom G-1

        Tuesday August 10, 2021                                2:00pm Civil Case Appearances      Audio link-Courtroom G-1    


Pursuant to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona, Rule 123, the information on this site is public record. The City of Apache Junction and the Apache Junction Municipal Court will not be liable for inaccurate or untimely information, or for misrepresentation or misuse of the data. This calendar contains the proceedings scheduled, not all proceedings will provide the names of all the parties scheduled to appear. If you have any questions about your presence being required in court, please contact our office at (480) 982-8250.

Legal Holidays
  • January 1, New Year's Day
  • Third Monday in January, Civil Rights Day
  • Third Monday in February, Presidents Day
  • Last Monday in May, Memorial Day
  • July 4, Independence Day
  • First Monday in September, Labor Day
  • November 11, Veterans Day
  • Fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving Day
  • December 25, Christmas Day