Trespass Enforcement Program

trespassing program


The Trespass Enforcement Program was created specifically for businesses to help with incidents of trespassing and loitering during non-business hours.

If businesses are having issues with trespassers on their property, we ask them to complete the Authority to Arrest for Trespass form and send it to the Community Resource Coordinator at the Apache Junction Police Department. Registering a property with the Apache Junction Police Department allows officers to trespass an individual from the property, who does not have a legitimate reason to be there when the business is closed, without contacting the business owner or property manager first.


"No Trespassing" signs, with the ARS code printed on them, must be posted in highly visible locations on the property. This is a requirement of the program. Businesses should be able to purchase signs, with the ARS code on them, at any sign shop. Multi-family properties and HOAs may participate, but they must have a common area (pool, basketball court, clubhouse, etc.) or retention basin/park that is for use by the residents. Only those areas are covered; the individual residential units are not. Single family homes may participate in this program, but they MUST be vacant and that status must be conveyed on the form as "vacant residence". Once the home is occupied, the request form becomes void.

**Businesses are also encouraged to use and maintain a Trespass Warning Log of any individuals that have been trespassed from the business. This is for the business owner/property manager to use and keep on-site but out of site from the general public. These are not sent to the police department. By maintaining this log businesses can show officers the previous dates and DR#’s of when the individual was previously trespassed from the property.


To print a copy of the AUTHORITY TO ARREST FOR TRESPASS, click here
To print a copy of the TRESPASS WARNING LOG, click here.