14 Steps Towards a Sustainable Future in Your Neighborhood

Under the Strong Sustainable Community Initiative program, 14 different projects have been researched and selected to enhance the quality and features of each neighborhood in the community. These selected projects have been recognized in other cities as successful steps in developing a sustainable city with the neighborhood and people in mind. The concept of each project then, is to address the development of all areas for better sustainable futures for neighborhoods in Apache Junction; safety and openness that would be essential with neighbors, a sense of community spirit and identity that brings pride, and a community that ensures that it remains open to diversity and residents from across the city. To give everyone an equal opportunity to participate, together with friends or individually, three different levels have been made to categorize the participation needed to compete each project. All 14 projects can be connected and intertwined with each other  to achieve not only one, but many different projects at a time!

Why is it important?

Apache Junction is a growing city with many beautiful features in and around the community. It is important to recognize that it is our responsibility to protect the natural elements that make Apache Junction the magnificent city it is and will become in the future. Making little changes to everyday tasks, communicating better among neighbors, and establishing a sense of pride within the neighborhoods that will make more self-reliant and sustainable enhancements to the city for current and future generations to enjoy.

Three Levels of Engagement to Participate in Making a Difference

Level One

This category focuses on individual participation to enhance the neighborhood with changes in everyday actions. The projects listed are simple to complete and will aim towards bringing the neighborhoods together and enhance the sustainable resiliency needed for future growth. They involve features to home improvements and neighbor friendliness and no approval or application is required from the city.

Level Two

Projects under this category, focus on participation with two or more members of the neighborhood. The projects listed, involve making a difference not only within your home, but also around the neighborhood. They are more advanced options to bring better neighborhood efforts and may take more than a couple days to complete. They feature landscape techniques and neighborhood quality improvements.

Level Three

Listed under this category, projects are focused on neighborhood wide efforts to improve the overall quality of the neighborhoods that requires high involvement from neighborhood members. They feature ideas that recreate community engagement events and bring forth urban cultural aesthetics to be seen throughout Apache Junction. Recommended participation for completion of these projects should involve five or more members of the neighborhood.

Additional Contact Information and Resources

Apache Junction Request Form

A Request Form issued under Apache Junction is required for all level two and three projects completed within the neighborhoods. Projects involving public right away, which are sidewalks, street crossings, and other elements, MUST be approved before any improvements are to be made by the public. Please contact Rudy Esquivias at resquivias@apachejunctionaz.gov or call 480-474-5083.

Apache Junction Event Application Form

The city encourages neighborhood events such as block parties, clean-up events, and  community yard sales. Some events which take place in on public property or in the public right-of-way, have vendors, food trucks, or street closure may require city approval. Please contact Al Bravo with Public Information at abravo@apachejunctionaz.gov to help make your event successful.

Event Application Form