Homeowner Resources

Homebuyer Education and Resources

Looking to buy a home? There are many resources available to show you what you need to know about buying a home. Check out HUD's website on "Buying a Home".

If you are a first time homebuyer looking to purchase a home, visit the Arizona Department of Housing's website before you go any further. Learn how to receive financial assistance through the Arizona Housing Finance Authority’s products including the Mortgage Revenue Bonds and the Mortgage Credit Certificates. 
Habitat for Humanity also offers homebuying options for area residents and potential new Apache Junction residents.

Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure hurts everyone, if you are facing foreclosure contact your lender immediately. It is not too late! Please visit the Arizona Department of Housing's website for help and information.

Talk to a Counselor at CAHRA (Community Action Human Resources Agency) at
(520) 466-1112 or (877) 472-2472.

Check out 10 Tips on how to avoid foreclosure.

If you are current on your mortgage payments and have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan and owe up to 5% less than the current value of your home, you may be eligible to refinance at a lower interest rate through the federal Making Home Affordable Program. Interested homeowners should visit Making Home Affordable.gov for more information.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is all the rage in home renovations and construction. There are a wide variety of ways that you can help reduce the amount of energy you consume and save the environment.
  1. When considering purchasing new appliances or renovating your home go Energy Star or environmentally friendly. There are available tax credits, rebates and programs that help homeowners finance this earth conscience decision.
  2. Check out the quarterly Housing Newsletter for low/no cost helpful hints to reduce your home energy consumption.
  3. Check with your utility service provider for programs that they are offering. SRP has a variety of rebates and information available on their website. 
  4. Certain circumstances may make you eligible to receive energy efficiency rehabilitation services through the City's Housing Rehabilitation Program. Additional organizations also offer weatherization for income eligible homeowners. Visit the Housing Rehabilitation Program webpage for details on how you can apply.
  5. Don't forget to recycle. There are a variety of outlets available for you to recycle the products you use in your home whether it be everyday aluminum cans, paper, or plastics at the bins located near Parks and Recreation on Idaho and Superstition Boulevard or you can reuse, recycle and donate your old products and materials when rennovating. Check out these programs and organizations for ways on how you can help.
  6. Check out the Energy Star website for federal tax rebates and energy saving ideas. They also have a comprehensive list of products that have earned the Energy Star rating.
  7. You may wish to hire a qualified contractor to evaluate your home and make wise decisions on how to improve your home's performance. Check out the Building Performance Institute website for information.
  8. Community Action Human Resource Agency (CAHRA) is the recipient of weatherization funding. This program may help homeowners with weatherizing their homes. Call (520) 466-1112 for an application. Income eligibility requirements apply.
  9. If you are renovating your home and have good quality items / materials / products to donate, call Stardust Building (480) 668-0566. They will pick it up!