Municipal Court

Please see CORONAVIRUS INFORMATION page link for the latest information from the court regarding COVID 19

: Face masks must be worn by all persons entering the court building.  



The Apache Junction Municipal Court handles misdemeanor criminal cases, civil traffic violations and city code offenses that occur within the city limits of Apache Junction.

Any court in Arizona can hear petitions for Order of Protections or Injunctions Prohibiting Harassment. These are the only type of civil matters (person versus person) heard in the Apache Junction Municipal Court.

Apache Junction Municipal Court operates under the authority of the Arizona Supreme Court. 

Court proceedings can be heard through a live-stream link posted on the Court Schedule/Audio Streaming page 


By Phone: (480) 982-8250


*Please note: The email account is accessed once a day and only on court business days.  Your email may not be retrieved until the next business day following the day you send it.  Please allow the court at least 2 business days to respond to your correspondence. Some requests cannot be ruled on without allowing time for the other party (State/Defendant/Plaintiff) to respond. Depending on the nature of your communication you may choose to file a motion.  Please click here to be directed to the motion form.        



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