A “Yes” vote on Proposition 423 means?

A “Yes” vote Proposition 423 will permanently adjust the City’s base expenditure amount (under the 1979/80 state formula) and allow the Apache Junction City Council to set City budgets based upon current financial conditions and service needs without having to ask voters to approve an alternative expenditure limitation every four years.  It will not raise taxes. It simply allows the City to spend the revenue it collects on needed services and infrastructure projects such as General Government Services, Library, Community Development, Municipal Court, Public Safety, Parks & Recreation, Public Works, Capital Projects, Street Maintenance, and Water treatment and distribution.

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1. Will Proposition 423 increase my taxes?
2. What is the difference between an alternative expenditure limitation (home rule) and permanent base adjustment?
3. May a city or town under home rule adopt a permanent base adjustment?
4. What is permanent base adjustment (Proposition 423) and why is it on the ballot?
5. If Apache Junction already uses the Home Rule option, why is the Permanent Base Adjustment being brought before voters now?
6. A “No” vote on Proposition 423 means?
7. A “Yes” vote on Proposition 423 means?