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Responsible Plea (Civil Offense)

  1. Apache Junction Municipal Court
    300 E Superstition Blvd.
    Apache Junction, AZ 85119
  2. The purpose of this form is to enter a plea of responsible to one or more civil violations on the citation/complaint number indicated above and request a payment plan. The court may provide for installment payments if it is determined payment in full will place an undue economic burden on a person. By pleading responsible, the court will impose the fine for each violation based on the published fine schedule on the CITATION INFORMATION page of this website and the mandatory $20.00 time payment fee. The time payment fee must be imposed on any fine not being paid in full on the date imposed. Please contact the court if you have any questions regarding the fine amount that will be imposed.
  4. Please select the letter that displays to the left of the violation code(s) that you are electing to plead responsible to. *
  5. By checking below I acknowledge that I have reviewed the "CITATION INFORMATION" page from the court website and understand my options. By entering a responsible plea to the charge(s) indicated above, I give up my right to a hearing. *
  6. This document must be received by the court no later than the "Appear By" date on your citation or if you have been given an extension, by the "Arraignment Extended" date.
    You will receive a response by email (regular mail if no email address provided above) once your request has been reviewed.
    If you do not receive a response to this request within three business days, please contact the court at 480-982-8250 to follow up.
    Hours of Operation: Monday through Thursday 7:30am to 5:30pm
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